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透明樹脂の異物除去に最適な選別機 | テクマン工業株式会社|異物選別機|プラスチック|混入|除去|ペレット|黒点|リサイクル|PETフレーク

TS-7400T Color Sorter for transparent and light-colored plastic pellets

Suitable for both transparent and opaque materials.

Advantages of introducing our color sorters:

-Reduce contamination and improve material quality.
-Inspect a mass of materials on the production line with minimum effort.
-Remove foreign objects to improve yield of molded products.
-Improve quality of out-of-spec product to sell them.
-Prevent complaints of contamination.

Model features:
-Used for opaque light-colored pellets and recycled materials like PET flakes.
-The high-performance cameras detect a tiny black spot as small as 0.1mm.
-Tecman’s free-fall method enables sorting of various materials regardless of shape.
-Two types with different processing capacities are available: 1t/h and 3t/h.
-Space-saving and can be installed either in-line or out-of-line.
-The touch panel allows easy operation such as sensitivity setting.
-The hopper, covers and chutes can be removed without tools for easy maintenance.


Foreign objects our color sorters can detect:
-Black spots, burns, discoloration (yellowing etc.), objects darker in color than the material.


Materials our color sorters are used for:
PA, PBT, PE, PP, POM, LCP, PPS, TPE, ABS, PC, PES, PET, fluororesin, biodegradable resins,
recycled pellets, PET flakes, crushed products, marble, etc.


Petrochemical companies, compound manufactures, molding manufactures, recycling companies,etc.

We also offer sorting performance tests using actual equipment.
For details, please click on the below link and contact us .



A Chinese-language catalog is also available for this model.
You can download it from the link below.

To see how our color sorters work, watch the videos on Tecman Industries’ YouTube channel.

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