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プラスティックペレットの様々な色から異物を取り除きます | テクマン工業株式会社|異物選別機|プラスチック|混入|除去|ペレット|黒点|リサイクル|PETフレーク

TS-7400W Color Sorter with high processing capacity

Model features:
-Suitable for in-line inspection because the maximum processing capacity is 3t/h.
-Two types are available: WL for light-colored pellets, WT for both transparent and light-colored pellets.
-WL is the same as TS-7400L and WT is the same as TS-7400T except for processing capacity.


We also offer sorting performance tests using actual equipment.
For details, please click on the below link and contact us .


To see how our color sorters work, watch the videos on Tecman Industries’ YouTube channel.

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